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I first encountered Lua through PLua, a surprisingly mature and 
effective Lua environment for the PalmOS. I have used Python for 
several years. I am interested in using Lua for situations where 
Python is too large.

I am writing to ask LuaCOM users to post a few more examples. I have 
studied the ADO example included with LuaCom, but I can't make it 
work with Word or WScript as in the Python snippets below. If LuaCom 
can use an instance of WScript, then it could be used for may Windows 
system administration functions.

For instance, in Python I do something like this to translate rft 
documents to word format documents:

import win32com.client
docpath = "c:\\rtfdocuments"
o = win32com.client.Dispatch("Word.Application")
for docname in docpath:
  d = o.Documents.Open(docpath + "\\" + docname)
  newname = docname.replace("RTF", "DOC")
  d.SaveAs(targ + "\\" + newname,   

Or, to map a network drive:

net = win32com.client.Dispatch("WScript.Network")
net.MapNetworkDrive("K:", "\\\\server\\share", 0, "user", "pw")

Thank you for your time.

--Tim Chase