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>> For practical purposes, Lua's license has the same effects of the new BSD
license, with extra warnings about misrepresenting. It is simple, easy to
understand and non-invasive. On the other hand, GPL/LGPL are confuse, hard
to understand and virotic. I doubt many people that stamp a GPL license in
their code really understand it.

I  really think you are right on the last point. I dont think a lot people are
fully aware of the implications of the license when it interacts with other
code. There are probably hundreds of breaches of licenses which people just
overlook. I think people equate GNU with free software, ignoring or
misunderstanding the GPL.

This is an interesting introduction to public licensing some of the minefields
involved :-

You can see all of the licenses being used here :-

Summary of licenses :-

The "modified BSD" license may be the one Reuben was talking about, otherwise
known as the X11 or Xfree66 license:-

The Lua license doesnt seem that bad. If just the fact that its yet another

John Belmonte:
>> Nick's confusion is nothing compared to what future generations will face.

LOL :-)