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you could also save the function as a string instead of using luaref, at
least thats what I do in our game.

your C function called addEvent would need to take a time, in your case 10
secs and a global variable function name that is the function you want to
call on the timer event, in your case "f".

-- So it would look like this:
addEvent( 10, "f" )

in C you would register the C function addEvent as so:

int addEvent( lua_State* state )
	// get time - note no error checking :(
	float time = (float)lua_tonumber( state, 1 );
	// get function name you want to call on timer
	const char* lua_func_name = lua_tostring( state, 2 );
	// save func name to be called later on a timer
	return 0;

// function that gets called on timer
void process_registered_lua_functions( lua_State* state)
	// get function name from whereever you stored it
	lua_getglobal( state, stored_lua_func_name );

	// call this function with no args and no returns
	lua_call( state, 0, 0);

hope this helps. This is not exactly how I would write it but I hope you get
my point. 


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Subject: RE: Storing function references

See the manual entry for lua_ref()

Later on, you can use lua_getref and then lua_call to do what you want.


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> Subject: Storing function references
> Hi.
> I am in need of storing a reference to a Lua function in C, for later use.
> In Lua:
> function f() write("foo") end
> addEvent(10, f)
> The question becomes how do I at the C side (where addEvent is
> implemented)
> save a reference to 'f' so that I can call 'f' asynchronously 10 seconds
> later ?
> - Kenneth