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Nahuel Greco wrote:

> Will the standardization of the C++ ABI in gcc 3.0 help to make Lua more
> C++ friendly ?, anyone have ideas / projects with this?


I use ABI-aware Lua code to let me poke around in simple C data structures
without the need for generated wrapper code.  (The initial description of
this was posted as "podlib vaporware" in June 2001.  I extended that idea to
support std::string and something close to std::vector in addition to
built-in types.)

Anyway my library takes an ABI definition as input, and I expect other such
libraries do the same.  Having the C++ standard ABI wouldn't really affect
much except making configuration easier.

Even with the standard ABI, (I think) there are still things that are
implementation-dependent such as the layout of C arrays whose element type
has a destructor.