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> >could we also have access to the source code of the reference manual?
> Not right now, sorry. Perhaps when 4.1 beta comes out.


> >I would like to convert it to TeXinfo...
> Why?

Because then I can add comments like

  -- (Info-goto-node "(lua)gsub")

in the programs I'm writing, and I can follow them as if they were
hyperlinks, in Emacs, by placing the cursor at the end of the line and
typing C-x C-e...

Also when I put one of these programs with hyperlinks at my page the
hyperlinks get converted to something that works in the web; the one
above would point to <>, for
example. <> has some of these
links; look for "(find-luanode ...)".

It's weird and ugly, but I find it practical...

    Eduardo Ochs