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> > Excellent, just clicked "Submit" on my Amazon order for that book ;)
> > much! :)
> Another more modern book with a good reputation (and I've read some of it,
> and agree with it on the strength of that) is "Modern compiler
> implementation in ML" (there are versions in other languages) by Appel.

The thing I (as a brand new purchaser of the mentioned book) find really
distressing is that there's no solution for the exercises. While I
understand that the book is meant to be used in actual courses, I am not a
student and my current workload doesn't allow me to spend time figuring out
all the details. I would really love if I could get my hands on real source
code as opposed to random snippets. Take as an example the TeXbook by master
Knuth... Any author (not only of computer books) should read it before
trying to produce anything.
Also relatively disappointing is that all the examples in the second part of
the book are  all presented in pseudocode and not ML as claimed in the
    WildHeart'2k1 (at Home)