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On Wed, 22 Aug 2001, Edgar Toernig wrote:

> > Stack overflows can be avoided checking stack space before
> > the call (lua_stackspace). That leave us only with out of memory
> > errors. Those are really hard to protect in the current implementation.
> Hmm... I follow your argumentation: to protect against out of memory
> errors you have to check for available memory first.  IMHO this kind
> of argumentation is flawed.

That argumentation is yours, not mine. All I said was that it is difficult
to avoid these errors using Lua 4.0.

> Not only does it duplicate all sanity
> checks of the system, it even requires intimate knowledge of the
> implementation of the API functions.  Sometimes the requirements may
> even be unpredictable.

Maybe you want to say those errors are "really hard to protect"?

-- Roberto