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> This is serious: in C you can do anything, and so there's no hand-holding
> and you're also expected to work harder.

This is a reasonable view when it comes to writing library functions, though
I do think that the direction in which the Lua API is moving is making it
unncecessarily hard to write library functions that work; remember that some
people might want to write such functions without needing to be experts on
the Lua API, but merely by knowing Lua and C; it's very easy to make all
sorts of silly mistakes, as the authors of Lua themselves demonstrate with

However, this argument can be used against you: Lua is not C! In Lua when I
call a function I expect it to work as described in the manual, and I don't
expect to have to remember (or know) that some functions are implemented in
Lua (and hence behave nicely) while others are implemented in C (and can
therefore do as they please).

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