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| Thanks go out to Philippe Lhost and Nick Trout for helping me work out the
| problems in my wiki customization, and especially Nick for setting up quite
| a few pages to get things started.  (An aside: As he did on the old wiki,
| Nick has occasionally copied some writing from lua-l verbatim.  I'm not sure
| if this will be an issue with anyone.  If it is, please don't hesitate to
| delete your quoted material from the wiki.  I hope in the future this issue
| fades away as lua-l posters decide to summarize their own content on the
| wiki, or that 3rd parties find the time to write about what they've learned
| from lua-l instead of copying verbatim.)

And thanks to John for setting the site up. He has worked very hard at getting
the site right. Please visit the site and let's make it a useful resource.

I have copied a fair amount of material from the Lua mailing list to the wiki.
This will hopefully get the ball rolling for the wiki. I've credited the
question answerers wherever necessary and I've quoted directly so you dont think
I've blatantly plagiarised material. I find the specific question-answer style
quite informative. This will probably get refactored in time and the credits
removed. If you would rather remain anonymous, or would like to edit any of the
pages you are, of course, completely free to do so. Thanks for your effort. (I
have added some original material as well :-) Hopefully the site will become the
first stop for any Lua user with a question.