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I had a few questions dealing with stack space that I couldn't find any
answers for in the docs or in any of the previous posts.  The current
environment it: Lua 4.0, AIX 4.3 and the main app is written in C.  The
application (it is a demon process) manages multiple copies of the LUA
environment at the same time.  The app reads an IPC queue and based on the
information found, will execute a script in one of the copies of LUA it has
running.  My questions are.

1.  When I do the lua_open, I pass across a parameter of 1024.  However,
when I do a lua_stackspace, I get 1043.  I wondered why.  BTW, the
lua_stackspace is called after I have done a lua_dofile.

2.  Each time I have LUA process a script, I pass values into LUA, call the
LUA function (using lua_call), then do a lua_pop to get the return value.
Each LUA function I call should always return one value.  After each call
to the LUA function, I call lua_stackspace to make sure I havn't messed
anything up.  My question on this was should that stack size ever change?
If I make my calls to LUA and I get a stack size of anything other than the
1043 (the original amount), does that mean that there may be an issue
within the environment and I should close it/reload it?