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> >The way I do this is in the table handler for the GraphicsObj, I return
> >a userdata pointing to &(obj.pos).  The problem is, that the userdata
> >I create will eventually be GC'ed .. since it's a pointer to field of
> >another strucutre, this will cause free() to have fits.
> Lua does not call free for userdata. It's up to the host program to do that.

True, but it calls the GC method.  My point is that I do this:

    lua_pushuserdata(L, &(obj.vec), Point::getTag());

And the problem is that the GC method defined for the Point  tag does 
something akin to:

    Point *obj = lua_touserdata(L,1);
    delete obj;

I'm going to give tolua a try, as several have suggested.

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