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--- Luiz Henrique de Figueiredo <> wrote:
> >Having a POSIX library that runs against the Lua 4.1 build would be superb.
> Like I said, there is already a POSIX library for Lua 4.0. It's poslib.tar.gz
> all Lua ftp sites.  It should work with 4.1, except for the uses of
> lua_pushuserdata, which has benn renamed in 4.1 (due to changed semantics).
> The POSIX library will be fixed when 4.1 final is out.

Has anyone implementated a thread library using the new features of Lua 4.1?  It would be nice to
see a sort of "proof of concept", reference implementation that proves that Lua 4.1 really does
support thread libraries (without modifying Lua source).  Perhaps adding Pthreads support to the
POSIX library would be a perfect place for such a thing.


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