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Reuben Thomas <> writes:

> > It does seem quite a mess. And how many people actually use lua
> > for general scripting ?
> More to the point, how many people who use Lua for scripting need
> scripts that are stored as binary? I'd never dream of pre-compiling
> my scripts; it's much easier to keep them in source form, for all
> the usual reasons.

The trick of adding a #! header to both source and byte code files has
been part of ocaml ever since I can remember.  For more on ocaml, see  I normally byte code compile my ocaml scripts,
which is why I thought my suggestion would not be controversial.
Since I don't have many Lua scripts at this time, I currently have no
need for #! header support in byte code files.  It's not a big deal
one way or the other to me.