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I've started a new project, Lash, it is a windows based, command line shell.  This project is still in it's infancy, but it incorporates several ideas I have had 
over the years about how command line shells "should" work.

If you have the time or the notion, please feel free to download lash, try it out, tell me what you think (both positive and negative feedback is welcome)

You can find information and a (Early Alpha) executable here:

About Lash:

Lash is graphical command line shell. I am a command line kind of guy. I miss the features found in *nix shells when working in Windows. Lash incorporates 
several interesting features:

GUI Interface 
Command Line History List 
Builtin LUA Interpeter 

Lash also incorporates several ideas of my own about how a command line shell should function: 

Regular Expressions everywhere! The idea being that you can use regular expressions to specify files to every internal command. 
Exclusion lists. A way to tell a command what files not to use, delete, copy, etc... 
Display of the PATH environment variable should be broken down into various components. 
Intuitive. Up and down arrow keys access the history list. The Page Up and Page Down keys scroll the output area.