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Lua 4.1 (alpha) is now available for downloading at
and also at the mirrors at TeCGraf and Waterloo.
The other mirrors will be updated automatically by their own robots soon.

The final version of Lua 4.1 will include a reference manual in HTML,
but this alpha distribution does not.  A PDF version is available at
and the mirrors above.

Please take some time to read the manual, specially the part about
user-defined types.

* New in version 4.1 (alpha)
  + support for external multi-threading and coroutines.
  + support for weak tables.
  + user-defined types (= names for tags).
  + safe garbage-collector tag methods.
  + new library functions and API functions.
  + new, faster, register-based virtual machine.
  + precompiled bytecodes checked for integrity.
  + read('*l') can read lines with embedded zeros.
  + (f()) adjusts the values returned by f to a single result.
  + more general syntax for function definition (e.g., function a.x.y:f()...end)

Please report any problems to

We are specially interested in reports about building Lua in 16-bit and 64-bit
platforms, as well as Windows CE.