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This looks very cool. I am going to attempt to get it installed on my C++
project shortly.

One question I have for the list in general, on this subject:

I've been considering implementing a "long return" function, that would take
advantage of the try/catch nature of Lua to allow you to return a value (not
just an error code) to the same context as a lua_error() call would take
you. This would allow you to short-circuit a running execution context to
return to the original caller sooner, which can on occaision be a very handy
performance win.

Does anyone have suggestions on how this can/should be implemented? Would
this be useful to anyone else? Should I implement it using Michael's new
try/catch C++ features?

Comments, quesitons, suggestions welcome...


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> > I'll throw in my two cents: I'd love to see this as well!
> I've gotten about 10 email messages with the same content.. so, for
> your viewing pleasure:
> Questions, comments, and criticism welcome.
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