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>Newbies are working
>overtime trying to find stuff because the only real place of value is this
>list and the archives are not very userfriendly(.org :-)

The lua-l archive at Yahoo Groups is searchable by everyone. You don't need to
have an Yahoo ID or be subscribed to lua-l to read it.

Yahoo Groups also provides file archives, but you have to be a Yahoo member of
lua-l to use them.

>We need a single place for the good stuff and it can only be on LUA.ORG ...

I agree that is THE home of Lua in the web.
But I think having additional, user-supported web sites is healthy for our
Lua community (plus it's less work for us at I like the idea of a
Wiki, but the official site will not become one.

I think that for the time being the two easiest outlets of user-supplied
information are the Wikis and Lua Technical Notes: they can combine code with
the explanation of the code (literate programming "light" :-). LTN can (and do)
include links to other pages or larger code packages. We might add a contrib
area in our ftp site, but my feeling is that it's better and safer if we just
add links to authors' pages instead of housing contrib code at