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"Kenneth Rochel de Camargo Jr." <> writes:

> On 9 Jul 2001, at 23:50, Jay Carlson wrote:
> > I've made a slightly modified version of "flconvert" from the pyfltk
> > package.
> > (...)
> > Figured somebody might be interested...
> >
> I certainly am. Where's the fltk binding? ; read the README for

w = Fl_Window:new(300,180,"Hi there!")
box = Fl_Button:new(20,40,260,100, "hello, world!")
box:labelfont(FL_BOLD + FL_ITALIC)
function fltk_dispatch(n) if n.callback then n:callback() end end
function box:callback() fl_alert("hello, world") end
fl_cb(box) -- register box for callbacks

The two errors I've found so far are:

1) widget:label(s) doesn't stash a copy of s anywhere, so if s ever gets
garbage collected, the label will break.  I believe constant strings in
functions won't be collected, so this is hidden in common use.

2) Fl_Box:new(boxtype, x,y,w,h, [label]) was the wrong constructor to pick;
it was ambiguous with Fl_Box:new(x,y,w,h, label) as far as toLua was
concerned.  flconvert prefers the second.

I've been working on a more Lua-flavored API on top of the toLua fltk API;
I'll post when I get it functional.