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Roberto wrote:
> For 4.1 beta, we are already thinking about global declarations
> and a boolean type, but that is for beta (the only question for
> alpha is whether we should put "true" and "false" as reserved
> words??).

At one time Edgar and I partially worked through some scenarios for adding
bools to Lua (see  There are some sticky issues as
you have to trade off between usefulness and backwards compatibility.
Anyway what I'm wondering is, how can you throw such a big change into a
beta version?  The bool implementation needs to be thought out carefully and
Lua users need time to test how it will affect their applications.  Why not
put it off for the "working release" of the next version?

I think you should reserve "false" for sure, and "true" if you don't think
false is enough (contrary to Scheme which my plan was based on).