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Roberto Ierusalimschy wrote:

> * flexible syntax for function and table expressions. Lua now accepts things
> like "(write or print)(x)". (We are still unsure about that, because of
> the ambiguity in the grammar:  "a = x        (foo)(1)".)

As a programmer, I consider this ambiguity and design choice a mistake.  I'm 
not even sure it helps non-programmers.

(The same holds for 1-based indexing - a design mistake IMNSHO)

> (the only question for alpha is whether
> we should put "true" and "false" as reserved words??). 

Ouch.  Just when I had become totally accustomed to <anything> and "nil", and 
keep seeing the current style as a superior (simpler, more uniform) approach.

Just my .02


P.S.  Is the switch from a stack VM to a register VM still planned?