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Jean-Claude Wippler wrote:
> Here is a page which lists the performance of various 
> implementations of the 
> MD5 message digest algorithm, exercising integer math and bit operations:
> If anyone sees a way to improve on the current Lua version, 
> please feel free 
> to send me a copy, preferably with a timing comparison with the 
> current one, 
> and I'll add the best result with source code and an acknowledgement.

Interesting results.

Some remarks:
- cosmetic, but I am touchy on this issue: official milliseconds
abbreviation is 'ms', not 'mS'. mS is the abbreviation of millisiemens (conductivity
measure), if I recall correctly. Same issue as Kb and KB (bits and bytes), kms
(kilometers.seconds), etc.
- If you have dual boot, it would be interesting to see results on Win32,
out of curiosity...
- As you state in another Wiki page, you need the binary operator library to
perform this algorithm.
As I said in a previous mail, I would like to see such operators (as | &
etc) in the language itself (like + * etc.), not in a library. Or, if it means
compatiblity trouble, at least to include them in the standard (official)
library. It would greatly improve the standard Lua, allowing it to perform things
not possible currently (like file header parsing, etc.).

Lately, I was wondering what could be the speed gain to rewrite the VM in
assembly language. Of course, we would loose one of the main strong points of
Lua: portability.


Philippe Lhoste (Paris -- France)
Professional programmer and amateur artist

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