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> By the way, coroutine support in 4.1 would solve all the problems needed for 
> cooperative multitasking, right? (Tell me if I'm wrong).

I am not sure if its clear that Lua 4.1 will "support" coroutines as long
as you have a C library for coroutines (for instance ET's one, or those
that use longjmps); that is, it will co-operate with C for the task. We
are not implementing a "stackless" Lua, but a Lua with multiple stacks.
You need some way to create multiple stacks in C, and then each Lua stack
will run in paralel with its corresponding C stack.

> But when will the eagerly awaited Lua 4.1 with coroutine support see the
> light anytime soon?

We have already released a "working version" of Lua with coroutine support. 
We may release soon other working versions (or even an alpha version, by 
the end of the month), but we are not sure when we will release the next 
"official" version, because there are several pending changes (such as 
global declaration) that we don't want to rush for a solution. 

-- Roberto