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Hi all,

LuaSocket version 1.3b  is now available for download!  It is compatible
with Lua  4.0 and has  been tested on  Windows 98, Windows  2000, Linux,
AIX, SunOS and IRIX.

What's New

 The major  improvements over previous versions  are in the HTTP  and FTP
 support. Users have the ability to download and upload information chunk
 by  chunk, so  that  the amount  of  memory spent  in  transfers can  be
 bounded. There have also been some bug-fixes:

 - HTTP and FTP code now support streaming with a callback system. 
 - Users can now prevent HTTP request code from automatically following a 
   301 or 302 redirect server reply; 
 - UDP sockets can have non-default socket options defined at creation 
   time (SO_BROADCAST, SO_LINGER etc); 
 - Bug-fix: select was crashing on invalid input (ex. closed sockets); 
 - Bug-fix: SMTP code was not dealing correctly with folded server replies, 
   as defined in Appendix E of RFC 821. 

Incompatibilities with previous versions

 There should be no incompatibilities.

The library can be downloaded in source code from its new homepage at

Hope you like it,
kind regards,