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May I add my ha'porth to the recent discussion about local
and global variables? Lua is rather new, and most of us have
as yet relatively little experience in writing Lua code, but
probably rather more experience of other languages. It is
always interesting to compare languages, especially those
with a strong personality, but there is a danger that by
concentrating on the familiar features of other languages 
we may overlook the idioms that are particular to Lua itself. 
Most programmers have a background in imperative programming, 
and I have a sneaking supicion that the Haskell or SML programmer
may be quicker than they to understand and exploit what Lua 
can offer. Perhaps we will be better placed to think about how
the language should be modified when there are more examples of
Lua code for us to appreciate; so roll on LHF's book, and more
tutorial material on wikis, and so on.

Gavin Wraith (
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