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From: Reuben Thomas
>>global ; seems best to me, because it doesn't require any changes (and
work anyway).

That seems okay. "global ;" reads as "globals to use: none". You could use
"global nil" ?? Probably more confusing?

> I appreciate adding this "use x do ... end" might cause just as many
> problems as this scoping discussion is trying to solve.
>>It's beginning to look like a sort of let x = foo in ... end construct,
familiar to functional programmers.

I was trying to suggest a mechinism for jumping to the scope of a table,
like "use x do ... end" in Pascal (was it use? i havent used pascal for a
while). i think it scans better:

table1.table2.table3 = { a=1,b=2 }

use table1.table2.table3 do
    local c = a+b


  local t = table1.table2.table3
  local c = t.a+t.b