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Paul Winwood wrote:
> Vesselin wrote:
> >> I getting resource leak errors with Borland C++Builder 5 
> (Update Pack #1)
> when 
> In the case of luac(.exe) I think that the memory leaks that 
> CodeGuard detects
> are because the lua_close() function is never called. 
> In the case if lua(.exe) there is a command line option -c that calls
> lua_close() at exit when set otherwise it is also not called.

Agree. I never took attention to this option, but if I omit it, Purify for
WinNT detects memory leaks when running a script, while I get none if I put
I updated my .reg file to reflect this. I join it because some Windows Lua
coders may find it useful. Of course, put the right paths, and your favorite
> I have tested lua (and my code) extensively using CodeGuard for 
> memory leaks in
> my LUA Active Scripting Engine 
> "";
> and have not found any memory leaks in lua provided that 
> lua_close() is called.

Yeah, you finally release it!
Wow, this is a quite quiet announcement...

> Paul.

Philippe Lhoste (Paris -- France)
Professional programmer and amateur artist

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