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> Interesting idea.  Just like the word "SHOUT" means something different
> from "shout" to many people.  Quite natural, btw.

Well that was kinda a bad example, since as a long time C programmer, I know
I automatically read stuff like that a certain way. But it would irritate me
if that was just automatic and out of my control. Sort of like how at work,
when I'm forced to work on a windows application, I'm  forced to use
hungarian notation on variables. While I think a language has the right to
force certain things on the programmer, I don't think naming conventions
should be one of them.

> If this were about taste, then this discussion is unresolvable -> futile.

I agree with this, because I beleive that no matter what happens, someone
else is going to be peeved about it. For that matter, there's even a
conflicting opinion about if it's even neccesary. It sort of seems like
everyone is just campaigning to get lua to work more like their favorite
language. I personally have a hard time with local-as-default being anything
more than just trying to make lua work more like the other languages I use.
Even though I do think it makes certain bugs less likely, is that reason
enough to change it?