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> Reubem Thomas wrote:

> > Markus Huber wrote:

> > No. In both versions failures are depending on
> > the situation. In both versions the failure can
> > be long hidden or found immediately.

> However, local-by-default is easier to debug because
> of one simple thing: it tends to mean that the bug in
> your code is close to the place at which it shows up...

Sure you are right. But I wouldn't like to write this
because its pro local-by-default ;-)

> What I *do* find useful is dynamic scope, as in BBC BASIC,
> so that you can define variables in one procedure, and have
> them accessible in all callees.

     - - - That's it what I find extrem usefull too. - - -

              *define variables in one procedure,*
           *and have them accessible in all callees.*

> But big programs are much easier to debug if you do declare
> globals where they are used...

Ok and what's the solution to access:

   the own local and the local from one of the parent functions

if local-by-default?

> Tom wrote:

> More concretely, any variable that 
> occurs anywhere on the left hand side of
> ":=" anywhere in a function would be declared 
> local to the function (not just local to the block).

Oh no! :-(

Please keep Lua as simple at it is. This is complicated stuff.