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You have to do the following in the header. Its just incompatiblity. Dont
know what the ANSI standard is. The headaches you get with template
incompatibilities between Borland and MS are far worse.


#ifndef __BORLANDC__
struct OpProperties {
  char mode;
  unsigned char push;
  unsigned char pop;
} luaK_opproperties[];

----- Original Message -----
From: Maurizio Ferreira

I'm trying to compile Lua in a dll callable from external programs, written
in Delphi.

I made a project with Borland CBuilder 4 std edition,
including all the sources of the last distribuition (4.0)
When I try to compile the project, the compiler stops in the following row
(in lcode.c, near the end)

const struct OpProperties luaK_opproperties[NUM_OPCODES] = {

saying  :

luaK_opproperties already defined

(or something like that, i don't kow the exact message because I' m trying
it at home, and now I'm at work)

If I substitute the constant NUM_OPCODES with its value (49) all works.
Where is the problem ?
I'ts a compiler or a program fault ?

I don't like to modify the source code of the program, but I dont see any
other way to solve it

I'm an absolute beginner in C, since I usually works in Delphi.
I've tried several compiler options, but with the same result.

Any suggestion ?