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I'm new to the list, but I'm very excited to learn about forthcoming
coroutine support. I'm working on a time-sensitive project, and was about to
hack open the Lua sources to build in some thread-like support, that sounds
almost exactly like what coroutines provides. Is there any word on when a
beta of 4.1 will be available? If there is a working version in development
now, I'd like to volunteer to help out in any way I can: testing, coding,
documentation - you name it. I'd just like to get working with coroutines



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> Sent: Monday, April 23, 2001 8:06 AM
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> Subject: Re: Co-Routines??
> >Hello, Im new to lua (and mostly all scripting languages).  I've been
> >hearing lots of talk about coroutines lately and was wondering
> what they are
> >all about. I know that lua 4.0 does not support them.  What do
> these things
> >do?  are they the same as functions?  do we define these in lua or the c
> >language?  They have something to do with multi-tasking right?
> On Dec 26, 2000, I posteda a brief explanation of coroutines.
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