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Dear Roman:
I've found very interesting your approach for working on Lua standalone.
However, I run into possibly a bug:
At any time I do a "dofile(anything)", from inside your environment I get
always an error telling that the path is "NIL".
The same path in standar LUA, works properly...
I tried it under win98 and NT.
Do I miss something?.
best regards,
Jesús. (Fallen in love with LUA)
----- Mensaje original -----
De: "Roman Vanicek" <>
Para: "Multiple recipients of list" <>
Enviado: lunes 16 de abril de 2001 4:43
Asunto: [ANNOUNCE] mod_lua and titmouse editor/debugger

> Hello all!
> I have put together some pieces of Lua related tools and code I have done
> hope that maybe some of you may find it useful.
> The first one is mod_lua - simple Apache module with some nice features
> (debugging info on errors, PHP style coding in HTML files).
> The second one is integrated Lua editor/debugger for windows based on
> Scintilla source code editor.
> Everything can be found at You may find
> use for it or at least reuse some part of these in your own apps and
> projects.
> Have a good time!
> Roman
> Roman Vanicek
> XTG Systems, s.r.o.

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