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>> Here is a quick preview of what is probably coming out with 4.1 (no promises):
>What about the size of all this?  One reason why I am looking into Lua
>is that it fits comfortably into a 16-bit SMALL memory model (64 KB code
>+ 64 KB data).  I hope (core) Lua will not outgrow this model.

Small size remains one of our design goals. We do not antecipate any large
growth in Lua's core. As far as I know, Lua 4.1 is much the size size of 4.0.

>Judging from the archives it appears that Lua developers have put a good
>deal of work into making a hassle-free 16-bit Lua.  (And it works great,
>thank you.)  Then why not make it official by using something like
>#ifdef USE16BIT her and there

We'll do something more general: you'll be able to compile Lua wth different
"personalities": integer, float, 16-bit, wchar, multithreaded, etc.,
by adding a user-defined header file luser.h.
The distribution will include some examples, including these ones.