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> has anyone considered replacing Lua's garbage collection with a garbage
> collector such as the boehm collector
> <>? my guess is that it
> would be more efficient.

> it shouldn't break any existing Lua code. "gc" tag events could be
> triggered  with a finalization callback.

Fetched from


Our collector is not, and cannot, be implemented as completely portable
C code. However, it has been ported to all common workstation and PC
platforms, excluding PCs with segmented addressing. It has been ported
to several flavors of Microsoft's win32 environment.

> does anyone else have an opinion about this? i'm thinking about implementing
> it and wanted to run a sanity check with everyone first.

I like Lua not only because it is portable to *all* and *everything*.
But... I would like to program my mobile phone (ARM processor) in Lua