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Roman Vanicek wrote:
> I have put together some pieces of Lua related tools and code I
> have done in
> hope that maybe some of you may find it useful.
> The first one is mod_lua - simple Apache module with some nice features
> (debugging info on errors, PHP style coding in HTML files).
> The second one is integrated Lua editor/debugger for windows based on
> Scintilla source code editor.
> Everything can be found at You
> may find some
> use for it or at least reuse some part of these in your own apps and
> projects.

Hello, and thank you for sharing!

I was waiting for some time such a visual debugger for Lua.
I was even planning to make one, but I have first to improve a lot my
knowledge for Lua :-) And to find some time!

Choosing Scintilla as source code editor component is an excellent choice!
But I am a bit biased here ;-)
Note 1: my SciLexer.dll (v. 1.37) is only 164KB with all the lexers. Your
(v. 1.34) is 201KB. I wonder if it is a compiler problem. I use MSVC6.
Note 2: you can remove all the lexers except LexLua.cpp, from the makefile.
This way you would have a little smaller binary.
It is not really an issue, though. Just some thoughts.
Note 3: you should keep the external, so we can choose our
own color set/font set, etc.

I understand it is an early release, so if there are some issues or
unpolished UI, I will put them on the account of a beta... (or low priority:
make something working OK before making it looking nice).
Unpolished UI: for example, use of gray instead of user (system) colors, no
checkmarks in menus, etc. Nothing critical.

I am eagerly waiting for the source of titmouse (XTGVDL), as either I can
contribute to it, or I can use parts of it for my (ghost) project.

I have a more important issue with XTGVDL:
On my system (WinNT4sp5), I can't run the Lua scripts I loaded.
For example, for hello.lua, I have the following message:

	attempt to call global `write' (a nil value)
	Error while running chunk.

Either I am missing something (a path or an environment variable?) or
something is broken.

Thank you again for this tool, I am looking forward any new development.


Philippe Lhoste (Paris -- France)
Professional programmer and amateur artist