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Luiz Henrique de Figueiredo wrote:

And it seems if it encounters a
dofile("filename") and filename is already bytecompiled in the same
file, it does not try to access any external file.

No, this is not true, but you may redefine "dofile" so that it is.
See a message about this posted to lua-l last week.

That is strange. In my main source file I have:


function abc ()


and when I bytecompile the main source file together with moduleX and Y and move the bytecompile'd file together with the host executable to another machine which ONLY has the one bytecompiled file, everything seems to work fine.

I guess it might work for the dofile's at the "top level" then, but possible not for others (which I am not using at the moment). Do you think this is correct?