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First of all, congrats to the designers and implementors of lua. I've been looking for a language where I can write portable code for various embedded platforms, and so far lua is by far the best language I have found for this. Compared to what is being offered on most handhelds/cellulars, lua looks like a "real" programming language, and the table abstraction looks usable for 90% of what I need (and the prerelease of the lua book showed me how to implement a simple queue in a few lines of lua). With some luck, lua _might_ actually be able to get the job done where Java has failed so far (handhelds).

Anyway, I'm targeting handhelds for one of my projects (removing the parser, executing raw bytecodes), and having to use files is of course difficult to do "cross-platform" on handhelds. While I stuff all my data inside strings, I have not found an elegant way to output single bytecode files. I'm using dofile("module1"), dofile("module2") etc in my main file, and currently these are being compiled into their own bytecode files which the main program will read and execute when run.

To avoid having multiple bytecode files (and thereby a distribution problem) I guess I can stuff all the source into one source file (replacing the dofile("module") stuff with the actual source for each module) and compile this one file, but ideally there should be an easier way to do this. Having an option to feed luac for instance that says "stuff it ALL into one file" would help a lot.

Before I possibly embark on this project myself, I though I would ask in case there is an easy way to do this today, or somebody else has already done this.