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At 05:10 02/04/01 -0400, you wrote:
I have been attempting to build Lua-4.0 on Win98
without any dependency on libc (Link input "Ignore
Libraries").  The best result I have been able to
manage is an apparently error free build that
results in a crashing 'Lua.exe':

Lua uses several C RTL functions. So they must be implemented somewhere. The includes you are using also afects the compilation in VC. So you have to provide some generic C RTL includes, so they will not affect the code compilation. VC includes are dependent on the Project Settings / C/C++ / Code Generation / RunTime Library setting.

Am I being naive, or should it be possible to make
this work?  Ultimately, I have an external library
built against msvcrt that I would like to wrap in

  So I guess you should use it.