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Edgar Toernig wrote:
> But if the color makes syntactic and semantic differences?!?  I'm not
> sure of I should like that.  IMHO it's just a matter of time until he
> makes special glyphs for each word so that a complete program fits on
> the display of a modular phone ;-)

Such a language exists (or existed), it is named APL (A Progamming
I believe it was created by IBM, it is powerful to handle arrays and
matrices, it is very very terse, but uses a lot of cryptic symbols.
Actually, a symbol stands for a keyword.
Symbols needed special keyboard and/or special (text) display: most of them
were created by overwriting two glyphs on the same screen space...
Nice language for those who don't like to type (the opposite of spectrum to
Cobol...), but a nightmare to read!


Philippe Lhoste (Paris -- France)
Professional programmer and amateur artist