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JED fans may like to know that I've just released the first cut at a Lua
mode for JED. It's available from my Lua page (, and
follow the link to Lua).

For those who don't know, JED ( is a small
yet powerful editor (does this remind you of something?!) which does a good
impression of Emacs while being a zillionth the size. I use it all the time
(as well as Emacs and a dash of NEdit).

The Lua mode does syntax highlighting, and basic indentation of control
structures. It's a shamelessly stolen and hacked version of the Python mode.
It also lets you call Lua from within JED.

I'm not an SLang or editor mode expert (SLang ( for
those who don't know, is a C-like scripting language that JED uses), so if
anyone would like to help improve it, I'd be most grateful. Serious JED and
Lua addicts might like to consider allowing Lua to be used to script JED as

-- | competent, a.  underpromoted