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John Belmonte wrote:
> [Umm... before my little message here I have a rant regarding
> certain posts
> to lua-l.  If you find yourself posting a message that consists of 80%
> quoted text, 15% signature and pgp info, and 5% barely
> Lua-related content,
> please consider looking up some FAQ's on mailing list etiquette.]

Of course, you are right, and my signature is a bit too big (I have seen

But I am not sure of which you are aiming, I don't see much posts like you
say in lua-l.

Actually, I laugh because I am subscribed to another mailing list, regarding
AutoIt, a Windows freeware allowing to automate some tasks in Windows.

Obviously, users of this list have never read anything like an etiquette
text, because when they ask to a message, they just hit Answer in Outlook
(Express) and add their answer on top of the message, without carring about
editing it...
As an example, I have a message totalling 8105 chars, with 213 chars of
answer, from the *maintainer* of the list... 1380 chars are just Yahoo group
junk (ads, unsubscribe instructions, etc.)...
I don't mention the numerous "Out of office" automated messages seen in this

So indeed we are fortunate to have polite and quite self-disciplined users
in this list.

Of course, I have sent a message asking to cut the craps, but with no


Philippe Lhoste (Paris -- France)
Professional programmer and amateur artist