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Hola everyone,

[my apologies if it's bad to be sending CGILua question to the main Lua
list- both my subscribe request and my message to the CGILua list bounced]

I've successfully installed CGILua in my person account on the university
webserver, in my personal cgi-bin.

I know it's (more or less) working because
<> returns the proper
error message about no Lua script being specified.

However, when I try
<>, with
test.lua in the same directory, that is in my www/cgi-bin/ directory, I
get the following error:

Unable to stat file /usr/local/httpd/htdocs/test.lua

Of course, that's to be expected; test.lua isn't in that directory.

My question is: how do I change the root htdocs directory within Lua so it
searches in the correct place?  I've grep'd the cgilua.conf/
and luang/ directories with no sign of this being configurable.  I thought
that perhaps, I needed to recompile, but no source was available on the
CGILua site.

I must say, Lua looks to be quite a nice little language, kind of reminds
me of NewtonScript (which is a good thing, of course). :)

Thanks in advance!

Aaron Reichow                   :: "In essence, Smalltalk is a programming
Twin Ports ACM Vice President   ::  language focused on human beings rather ::  than the computer." - Alan Knight