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From: "Nikos K Gorogiannis" <>
To: "Multiple recipients of list" <>
Sent: Tuesday, March 27, 2001 3:09 PM
Subject: Re: help for compiling "not-tolua"

> Right. Now, first of all the problem on line 31 in _not_ about
> semicolons, as the macro does not provide one (so, you really should put
> one after the macro). The same applies for line 32 and line 35 as well.
> The rest of the warnings can be ignored, and if desired switched off by
> some appropriate #pragma, because they refer to the "inherits" boolean
> var, which is initialised with a constant, so naturally all expressions
> involving it will produce unreachable code etc.
> Now, as this gives me no extra info on what the compiler thinks is wrong
> with lines 31,32 and 35 I can only make guesses. What is going on on
> those lines is that they are expanded to a call to a method that takes
> the address of one or two other template methods. Normally that should
> instantiate them as well (they are template member methods). If the
> compiler has some option regarding implicit template instantiation of
> member templates then that should solve the problem (if that _is_ the
> problem!).
I find 3 compiler switches about templates, and tried them but.. :-((

> Another way to deal with this is to explicitly instantiate the member
> templates. Try adding this line just before "main" (global scope).
> template int LUA_CLASS(A)::procedure_callback_0<&A::proc>)(lua_State *);
> and see if the errors on line 31 go away.
No, this line confuses it(compiler) more:
[C++ Warning] m.cpp(26): W8054 Style of function definition is now obsolete.
[C++ Error] m.cpp(26): E2293 ) expected.      --hd-->showing column &A::...
[C++ Warning] m.cpp(34): W8084 Suggest parentheses to clarify precedence.
[C++ Error] m.cpp(34): E2188 Expression syntax.
[C++ Error] m.cpp(35): E2188 Expression syntax.
[C++ Error] m.cpp(38): E2188 Expression syntax.

Maybe Borland's compilers are not ready for these type of programs?!

> Nikos

I already installed gcc-2.95.2. If you could post your makefile I will be
Best regards,
Hakki Dogusan