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Its just I had a similar error the other day when I was using macros which
had a redundant semi colon after them and this cured the problem...?!

>From Borland help for E2188:

This is a catch-all error message when the compiler parses an expression and
encounters a serious error.

Possible Causes:
This is most commonly caused by one of the following:
*  two consecutive operators
*  mismatched or missing parentheses
*  a missing semicolon on the previous statement.

If the line where the error occurred looks syntactically correct, look at
the line directly above for errors.
Try moving the line with the error to a different location in the file and
If the error still occurs at the moved statement, the syntax error is
occurring somewhere in that statement.
If the error occurred in another statement, the syntax error is probably in
the surrounding code.


----- Original Message -----
> Think you might have redundant semi-colons after the macros.
> eg.  REGISTER_PROCEDURE_0(A, proc)
> N

No, I already tried that(removing semicolons).
Can you compile this library?
Thanks for responding.

Best regards,
Hakki Dogusan