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Diego Nehab wrote:

When you do ref=lua_ref(L, 1), Lua reserves space in a reference vector
for that object, saves the object in that vector and returns an index to
you. When you call lua_getref(L, ref), Lua pushes the corresponding
index from that vector in the Lua stack. When you call lua_unref(L,
ref), Lua marks the position on the vector as free for further lua_ref
calls so that the value of ref is meaningless after the call to


Did that answer your question?

Yes, that did. I guess I need to do something like:

	lua_getref(L, ref);
	ref = lua_ref(L, 0); properly unlock an object then.

I have to say -- I'm sure you had your reasons for designing the ref system the way you did (lua_ref() always returns a different value), but IMHO a more conventional method would sure make my life easier. Not that I can't hack around it, but I guess I don't understand the motivation behind the current implementation.