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This is mainly for the Emacsers using Lua.

I converted the "Reference Manual of the Programming Language Lua 4.0"
(the file manual.html in the distribution) to TeXinfo format, and I've
placed the resulting texinfo file in

and in my Debian package of Lua 4.0; see

for more info on the package, including how (and why) to recompile it
on non-Debian systems.

My main motivation for texinfoing the manual was that I needed a
convenient way to place hyperlinks to the docs of functions inside my
programs. I first converted manual.html to a text file with

    lynx -dump manual.txt > ~/tmp/lua-manual.txt

and for a while I tried to use elisp links like:

    -- (find-fline "~/tmp/lua-manual.txt" "gsub (s, pat, repl [, n])")

that when executed with C-x C-e will run (find-file
"~/tmp/lua-manual.txt") and then (goto-char 0) and (search-forward
"gsub (s, pat, repl [, n])")... Now these also work, and are much

    -- (Info-goto-node "(lua)gsub")
    -- (find-luanode "gsub")

Converting the current texinfo file to a dvi gives something very
ugly, though.

    Eduardo Ochs