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Hi all,

In order to create muiltiple lua global environment, I wonder which 
part of sturctures/funtions of lua I should study. 
The intention of that is, I would like to experiment a C++ object, 
with a ability of creating/interacting/keeping [privately] it's own 
lua gloabl environment. 

What I can think of is:

A C++ class:
Class person{
  lua_State *MyL;   // for Scripting this person's behavior!
using lua_object, and how?!

am I right?! sorry for being naive!!

And I want to create, 10,000 of them (at least!!), and see how the 
performacne would be!!

Even though, I believe, it would be enough to have only one lua 
global environment, I would like to try out this new feature (allow 
to create multiple lua global environment) in verion 4.0.

Any Comment? Anyone actually has done that? Thanks!