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This is how it is in Sol (a derivation of Lua), the ',' in the record
field constructor is optional.  The only place where it _is_ required
is before a [key]=val field ({ a=b , [foo]=2 }).  Without the ','
you'd get a=b[foo]=2 and that will raise a syntax error.

Sure thing.

 > The only thing people should look out for is stuff like:
 >         a = { strlen "aaa" }
You get much more problems.  Sol requires the ',' in list field parts.

Correct. It's a nice approach, I guess -- originally I really only intended the optional comma behaviour for recfields.

I.e. what's the result of { 1 -2 } or { a (b+c)*d }?  (Btw, in Sol your
two examples above would create exactly the same code - it calls strlen
for "aaa" and would give a[1]=3 (not 4!) ;-)  IMO the ',' is necessary
in the list fields.

strlen"aaa" == 4 ?? Doh. My old example had 4 'a's. Please ignore. :-)

I suppose the recfield part is pretty useful. I'll probably keep the patch around for my not-Lua language interpreter.

Thanks for the tips -- that's exactly the kind of help/critique I was expecting when I posted.

Pedro Miller Rabinovitch
Gerente Geral de Tecnologia
Cipher Technology