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If you are using a Diku (or one of its derivatives) as your codebase, then you can snoop around on; there is an example of using Lua for triggers.
If you want to use Lua for scripting, I suggest you use Lua 3.2. It is much easier to embed than 4.0, IMO

--- "falknor1" <>
> wrote:
>Greetings list:
>I am new around here and have looked through the archives on egroups a tad
>bit, but did not find much.  I found a few threads talking about just how
>suitable Lua is for this operation, but never did I see any mention of
>available examples. Does anyone know of a freely available example one could
>look at that involves embedding Lua into a C application?  I am looking to
>use this language as scripting for my builders/designers.  I look at it like
>this:  they are the one's designing it, if they can script it then it's more
>likely that it will come out exactly as they saw it than if I were forced to
>do it off of sometimes inadequate descriptions.  The scripts will need to
>modify game data real-time. Such as changing values of various things in the
>game and adding new functionality such as commands.  If anyone has any
>input, ideas, or links please feel free to send them my way.

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