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Hello everyone,

I am currently trying to implement LUA into our real time strategy game. In
our map editor, the designer is able to create trigger points which, once
activated, call a LUA function in the mission script. The name of the
function to call and the function script is written by our designers. So, I
read the script, pushed function name and parameters, and tried lua_call.
The problem is, that LUA does not know it's script. Normally, I use
lua_dobuffer to execute a script, but in this case, I only want to call a
special function of a script. So, how do I tell LUA, in which script buffer
the function is located?

Thank you for any answers,

PS: Anyone knows other RTS game projects using LUA where I could take a
look? Most sites on the LUA project list seem to be dead.

Matthias Gall, lead programmer at sechsta sinn