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I've been using Lua on QNX RtP lately, and this morning I noticed something strange: the number 65 is always displayed as 64.999999...

I think the actual value is 65, because if I do something like x = 64 + 1 (which will look like 64.9999...), then add one to it again, it will be 66, rather than 65.9999...

This does not occur in Linux, Win32 or Mac OS X, so I thought it might have been a bug in QNX, either GCC (2.95.2) or their libc. I asked some other QNX users, but they were about as helpful as a poke in the eye with a sharp stick.

Could this be a bug with Lua? Maybe the function that converts a number to a string?

Even if I use format("%.0f", 65), it is still displayed as 64.9999...

Any ideas?


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